Authentic Sea Glass

The Journey

Sea Glass started its journey as broken glass thrown into the ocean by our ancestors many years ago.

The years of tumbling amongst the sand and gravel of our beaches have caused the glass to become "finished" into these "jewels of the sea".

What our ancestors once discarded or lost has turned into the treasures we love to search for. It is truly Vintage Sea Glass.

Jewels of our Past

Seaglass collectors are actually preserving fragile traces of our past. Mother Natures way of recycling. ~ Richard LaMotte

There is a great healing power found where water meets the shore. The rhythmic surf can soften our rough edges as well!

A diamond is created by nature and arduously refined by man while sea glass is what man creates and nature refines it for us.

Vintage Sea Glass

Sea glass is actually a human-made vintage product that has been recycled into a beautiful item by the tumbling waves and sands of ocean as well as the chemical reaction between the oceans waters and the glass. It usually takes many years for the glass to become smooth and opaque so it is no longer sharp and transparent. ~ Richard LaMotte