Artwork by Prince Edward Island Artist - Carmella (Gallant) Cheverie

I am a native of Prince Edward Island. Born in Oyster Bed Bridge, we moved to Souris when I was 4 years old.

My dad captained and owned a dragger and, after raising their family of 14 children, my mom and dad (Clarisse and Jacques Gallant) operated a take-out restaurant - Mama and Papa Jacques "Port O'Call" where I learned the value of hard work and discipline.

In 1971 I married Patrick Cheverie who was fishing out of Vancouver, B.C. at the time. We later moved back home to Souris where we fished lobster and groundfish.

Through the busy years of raising our family, I developed a deep love for the natural beauty of our island. Fishing alongside my husband, I learned to appreciate the beauty and power of the sea.

As a Prince Edward Island artist, I strive to capture the strength, beauty, and elegance of our island. I have been learning and perfecting artistic skills all my life and will continue. Self taught, my medium is mainly oil but I also occasionally work in acrylics.

"Prince Edward Island is in my heart and soul and I desire to share its story with others through my works of art."

Personal statement - When I escape into the realm of awareness that allows me to express myself in my works, I recall psalm 46-10 ​"Be still and know that I am God".

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